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Sometimes getting your feet off the ground - literally or figuratively - is all you need to take flight.

wish you were here

Visit the Himalayas, Southern Italy and the wide open spaces of the US or take a solitary walk along the tracks with five photographers from around the world.

boy wonder

Tea parties with the Mad Hatter, wanderings through Narnia, angels, flying umbrellas and Rorschach blots that take flight are all in a day’s work for Joel Robison.

once upon a time

All the best stories begin with "Once upon a time," and we've got the photographs to prove it.

thank you very much

We would like to thank the following for their support during our 2012 fund drive:
Shane Fite, Ed Rafalko, Debra Amsden, Tony Eccles, Sarah Mercer, Diane Miller, Angela Ward-Brown, Sarah Bloom, Winston Chang, Rachel Helms, Dave Markowski, Dave Mathis, Doug R., Brenda Stumpf, Kina Williams, Steven Miljavac, Elizabeth, Susan Knight, Sophie Ouch, and Hayley Finch.

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winter issue - december 2013

Deadline for submissions: October 15
Cover story: Frozen in Time - still lifes, tableaux, fine art portraiture
We would also like to do features on wildlife/animals, plants, and landscapes.